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Cappadocia, we see that the region was first active in the Hittite period. Due to its location on the historical Silk Road route, the region was a kind of trade center at that time, and this situation was BC. It continues until the destruction of the Hittites in the 12th century. Afterwards, BC. Persians in the 6th century BC. The Kingdom of Cappadocia during the reign of Alexander the Great in 332 and later on M.S. Until 17, the Roman Empire reigns. M.S. When the last King of Cappadocia died in 17, the region became a Roman province. Cappadocia region M.S. In the 3rd century, with the Christian people who settled here, the region becomes a center of education, religion and thought. However, M.S. Between the years 303-308, the pressure of the Roman Empire on the people of the region increased, and the people were building shelters and settlements that were rock-cut in the deep valleys invisible from the outside, to hide from this pressure, oppression and invasion. Again M.S. In the 11th and 12th centuries, Arab raids dominated the region first, and then the Seljuks dominated the region. In later periods, peace prevailed in the region during the last period of the Ottoman Empire, and after the Treaty of Lausanne, the Christian people here emigrated and left Cappadocia between 1924-1926.

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